Modern Business Development Introduction

MBD is about using new tools to develop relationships to uncover opportunities at scale.

The New Sales Environment

Selling shifted from being transactional to relational.

Strategy For Quality Business Development

Strategy is having a clearly defined goal that informs the behaviors that allow you to reach that goal.

Why Old School Tactics Aren’t Working Anymore

The phone and email are statistically less effective than they have ever been in history.

Defining Modern Prospecting

When the environment evolves so do the strategies and tactics to be successful.

The New Tools

Leveraging the new tools in how to communicate, sets you apart from the competition.

Identifying Prospects And Communicating To Your Audience

You have to clearly define what the characteristics of a good prospect are.

Top 25

The number 1 indicator for success and your accountability list.

Do Your Research

People are yearning for connectivity, you have to find something to deliver that connection to them on.

How To Show Up Different

How you show up is more important than just showing up.

How To Use Video And Why

Video makes you more efficient and effective in your communication.

3D PR And Other Ways To Use Video

Giving something to somebody that is about them allows you to penetrate their heart and mind to get noticed and start the process of building a relationship.