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Defining Social Selling And The New Environment

Today’s most valuable capital is social capital and relationship capital.

Getting Started With LinkedIn

Navigating the homepage is important because it is the main dashboard for all of the opportunities LinkedIn offers you.

Building Your Network And Your Audience

Your network is your audience, and your network is your net worth.

How To Research

Knowing what to research and how to find it allows you to be targeted in who you are contacting.

The Daily’s

Feed the Feed.

Defining Triggers And How To Use Them

Triggers = Reasons to start conversations.

Prospecting LinkedIn

The best ways to utilize the platform and find new opportunities.

Closing And Connecting

Connect with us now! We are here to help you. Find us and send us your questions!


Your profile is your yelp page that can allow people to listen to others that have done business with you.


Learn how to follow the leader and the benefits that come with it.

Modern Business Development Introduction

MBD is about using new tools to develop relationships to uncover opportunities at scale.

The New Sales Environment

Selling shifted from being transactional to relational.